Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zip2Fix 1.0

Zip2Fix is a free portable tool to extract the undamaged files from a ZIP file when some of the files inside the archive are damaged.
The good files will be extracted into a new ZIP file.
Works with ZIP and SFX Zip files.
Simple to use and fast processing.
Compare Zip2Fix with other freeware zip recovery apps trying to fix the same damaged file

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011

New! How does it works ? click to read developer description on how ZIP2FIX works (new window)
Download a portable version of ZIP2FIX from our new site, CLICK HERE  
Download ZIP2FIX install file 887kb:

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 Download from CNET:
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Anonymous said...

It's only por .zip and .sfx files right? No .rar?

Zvika said...


Yuzumi said...

Omg, thanks for this powerful and useful tool, it repaired a zip that I really needed and tried to repair for weeks, and in 5 min it did recover it, if only I knew this earlier! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Zip2Fix. Works great.

Small feature request: please add command line args so that you can drag-and-drop a .zip file onto ZFX.exe to open it.

SEO Company said...

I used it is so Powerful tool. Zip2fix is most helpful for me as well as everyone. Thanks for it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Tool, thanks Zvika !
Best regards from Spain

ரவி சேவியர் said...

Thank you very much

Sai Panchal said...

hey nice work man thanx for giveing such a software thanx a lot

Keshab Ch Rai said...

An ERROR occurred while opening a damaged zip file, and only heard a windows error sound and the application was vanished from the screen.. No Error reporting service availabe.. The software may not handle a file of 400 MB.

ladiko said...

I had an archive with ~8400 txt files which couldnt be extracted. I tried zip_repair and zip2fix. Both did well, but zip_repair recovered some data with the wrong filename and created some garbage files while zip2fix recovered more correct files and no garbage at all.

Anonymous said...

does a version for mac exist?thanx

Zvika israeli said...

No, Only a Windows version.

Anonymous said...

this thinh is the best.. works super fine very small in size works with password encrypted files also and most important its free unlike others

Zvika israeli said...