Friday, October 14, 2011

Watch 4 Folder 2.3

Watch 4 Folder 2.5 is available now here

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This is version 2.3, for version 2.5 click here
Watch 4 Folder v2.3 - a small (802kb), portable (no installation) and powerful monitoring tool to monitor folders and files activities.
It is simple to use and to set, it can monitor 15 types of events and trigger different actions in case an event occurs.
Main changes in this version:
- New command line parameter to start WF4 minimized to the system tray.
- Can use the changed shell object as an argument for the executed program, batch or script.
- Program to execute support now also *.cmd and *.vbs
- Can close the monitor while running.
- More info in the live log.
- Some minor improvements
- Add a user guide in english (rtf and pdf formats).

Notice: When using WF4 2.3, your OS can't be in "Classic Mode" because the software is using some advanced controls.
More details can be found in the included user guide.
Notice (29/05/2012): in case you experience an error when trying to monitor file rename events please download this fixed version of Watch 4 Folder 2.3, thanks to Kadien Elric who found this issue.

Read CNET Editors' Review on Watch 4 Folder (Outstanding)

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011
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A nice example of how to use W4F to monitor a folder and send new created files by email (by Eric Schmitz):
If you have a folder that you need to monitor for new files and you want to send the new file as attachment by email (outlook only), here are the steps to do it.
Create a batch file and name it whatever you want.
In the batch file enter the next line:
 "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe" /a %1 /m "&subject=Scanned Document from"
Replace the subject text (Scanned Document from) with the subject text you want.
Replace the email address ( with your address or any address you want.
Save the batch file.
Now open W4F and set the following settings:
Select the folder to monitor.
Check the "File Create" monitor event, this will monitor the selected folder for new file creation.
On the Action panel, check the "Execute a program or batch file" checkbox.
Browse and select the batch file you just created.
This step will set W4F to execute your batch file when a new file is created.
Check the "Add changed object as argument" checkbox.
From the arguments drop list, select the first one "File Create – File Name" and check it (round check box).
This step will set W4F to return the new created file name as argument for the batch file (represented as %1 in the batch).
Now you can click on "Start Monitor".
When a new file will be created inside the monitor folder, the new file will be attached automatically into a new email message with your subject and address.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Start 4 Seven 1.0

A Lot of Windows 7 users are looking for a way to restore the classic Windows XP start menu on a Windows 7 machine.
There are some tweaking tools that can replace the Windows 7 start menu or you can tweak the registry and use the Windows 7 favorites as a start menu, etc.

How about a different approach to this issue ?

Imagine a small executable (369kb only), portable (no installation, can be executed from a USB stick), without any system modification, no tweaks, no changes to the existing Windows 7 (or 8) start menu, and completely free to use.

All you get is what you wanted..., the old good green classic start button with the classic start menu, you can pin the button into one of 5 different desktop positions (right click on the button), now left click the button and here we go with your classic start menu.

Start 4 Seven is a portable application without any installation and without any system modifications or tweaking.

Although Start 4 Seven was developed for Windows 7, many users reported that it works fine on Windows 8 also, this was never tested by LeeLu Soft, but many users insists they tested it and it works just fine.

Please read the included Readme.txt file for additional important information.

New! How does it works ? click to read developer description on how Start 4 Seven works (new window)

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011

Download (single file, no install) 352kb:
Download From SoftWorld:
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