Friday, December 24, 2010

500,000 Visitors

Leelu Soft celebrates 500,000 site visitors and more than a million downloads.
Thank you all for downloading and using LeeLu Soft's programs.
You can find most of our programs also at the major download sites like Softpedia, Brothersoft, Wareseeker, CNET, BSTdownloads, Famouswhy, Lifehacker and more.
LeeLu Soft published more than 60 utilities.
Our most popular software are:

Thank you all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


DiDiDistribute is a shell GUI for the powerful Sysinternals PsExec that let you use it together with the Microsoft Windows installer to create an easy to use network remote package distribution and installation tool.
PsExec is a powerful tool by Sysinternals that let you execute processes on other systems. complete with full interactivity for console applications, without having to manually install client software.

Some sys admins are using PsExec to apply new packages to the clients as a replacment for login script installations.
When using DiDiDistribute as a GUI shell for PsExec, you can push installation packages to your client without forcing them to restart so it will run from a login script, you don't need to create or maintain complex scripts and batch files for this task, DiDiDistribute will also prevent from running into scripts and syntax errors.
DiDiDistribute can also be used to uninstall packages from network remote clients.

Please read the included Readme.txt file before trying to run DiDiDistribute.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft and Ran Ton 2010

Download (single file, no install) 511kb:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Files Info Generator 1.0

Files info generator is a simple to use command line tool to generate a text file containing detailed information about the files inside a folder.
It can be executed on all files inside a folder, for a group of files based on wildcards mask or for a specific file name.
The output text file will contain the next information (if exists) for each file:
- File name
- Description
- Size
- Company name
- Product name
- Product version
- Internal name
- Legal copyright
- Legal trademarks
- Original file name
- Comments
- MD5
- Attributes
- Date created
- Last accessed
- Last Modified

Based on a request from Steffen Schilke.

More details can be found in the included ReadMe.txt file.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2010

Download (single file no install) 186kb:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Command Line Crypter 1.0

Command Line Crypter is a simple to use command line file encryption / decryption utility, useful to run from a batch file or a script.
The encryption is based on standard AES-256 cipher and SHA-512 for the hash function.
Please read the included Readme.txt file for more details.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2010

Direct download Command Line Crypter from our new site, CLICK HERE 

Download (single file no install) 61kb:

Watch a demo on Youtube

Sunday, June 20, 2010


7GMode is a small, one click portable tool to enable or disable the Windows 7 God Mode.

In Windows 7 sometimes when you try to find a configuration applet, you find yourself browsing between a lot of windows and applets while trying to remember where you change things from.
Windows 7 God Mode is a special folder that contains all the configuration applets divided by a logical way in categories, so it is very easy to find and launch what you are looking for.

Yes, I know you can make this folder by yourself, but this is the easy and safe way.
you can also choose to create (and remove) a shortcut to God Mode from your desktop.
If you didn't create a shortcut, just open the root of drive C:\ and you will see the God Mode Folder, open it and have fun.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2010.

Download (single file no install) 186kb:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NS Query 1.0

NS Query is a simple, fast protable GUI version of NSLookup which let you run name resolve queries from DNS servers.
The results can be saved to a text file.
More information can be found in the included readme.txt file
Freeware by LeeLu Soft

Downlaod (single file no install) 542KB:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Windows 7 Little Tweaker - Version 1.2 Update

Windows 7 Little Tweaker is a small and simple to use utility that let you easily activate a few useful extras for Microsoft Windows 7 32bit platforms.
Windows 7 Little Tweaker is a portable application, you need no install process, just extract the file from the zip archive, right click on the w7lt12.exe file and run as administrator.
This version of the awards winning utility supports now all the versions of Windows 7 32bit, do not use this tool with Windows XP or other Windows platforms.
More information can be found in the included readme.txt file.
Freeware by LeeLu Soft
Download portable version of 7 Little Tweaker from our new site, CLICK HERE
Download Little Tweaker Install (870kb):

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SteganographX Plus

With SteganographX you can hide a text in a bitmap image, the text will not be visible and the changes to the bitmap will not be noticeable in BMP's with 16, 24 or 32-bit colors.
The only way to extract the text out from the image is with SteganographX.
This version of SteganographX let you also encrypt the bitmap image with a secret key.

SteganographX is a portable application and like all other LeeLu Soft software, it is very simple and easy to use.

Changes in this version:
- Improved GUI
- Ability to encrypt the image
- Right click on the image open a popup menu
- Ability to hide the side bar
- Ability to drag and change the size of the text box
- Warning when closing without saving changes
- Smaller executable size

More information and help in the included Readme.txt file.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2010

Download a portable version of SteganographX Plus from our new site, CLICK HERE

Download SteganographX Plus install (866kb):

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never Published Collection

Never Published Collection is a 7 mini tools collection that where never published.
Most of them are just one function mini tools that i wrote for the use of my system team or my PC technicians which ask for it.
In this collection:
Auto CMD - to creat auto execute command when launching CMD (command window)
Clipboard Text Content - a simple tray application, a clipboard text viewer and clipboard cleaner
Don't Run This - easy way to creat your own application block list
External IP Finder - find your external IP address
Last Logged On - find who was the last logged on user on network and local computers
Outlook to Tray - set the Outlook minimize behavior (minimize to tray or taskbar) with one click
Windows Other Comands - a launcher for some unknown or forgotten Windows commands

More information can be found on the text file for each tool.
This collection is a freeware and all tools are portable.
Originaly the tools where just for internal use, so there was only a quick testing process with Windows XP SP3.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft

Top 4 Download
Top 4 Download
X 64-bit Download
Download Typhoon
Download (no install) 3.3mb:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Extended File Details 1.0

Extneded File Details is a free and portable tool to display and save file properties.
It can display and save to a text file:
File Name
File Type
File Size
File Version

Product Version
File Attributes
File MD5
File CRC
Company Name
Legal Copyright
Legal Trademark
Date Created
Last Accessed
Last Modified
Internal File Name
Original File Name
Large and small icons

Using EFD is very simple, you need to provide only on information which is the file path and name, this can be done by on of the following ways:
-Drag and Drop a file on the EFD.EXE icon
-Drag and Drop a file on the EFD main aplication form
-Browse and select a file
-Type the full path and file name
-From the command line type EFD.EXE FileName.Ext

Now you can view the file details and can save this information to a text file.
For more information read the included ReadMe.txt file.

Freeware By LeeLu Soft 2010

Download (single file no install) version 559kb: