Friday, May 8, 2015

TetheRingo PowerPoint RC


TetheRingo is a mobile companion app that turn your mobile Android device into a PowerPoint presentation remote control.
With TetheRingo you can control a PowerPoint presentation running on your Windows PC, start / stop presentation, move to the next / previous slide or jump to the first / last slide.

TetheRingo is based on two application pieces:
• The TetheRingo Remote Control app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store, this app runs on you Android mobile device. 
• The TetheRingo receiver, which can be downloaded for free from , this app runs on your Windows PC where the presentation runs.

Mandatory requirement:
Both, the mobile device and the Windows PC must be connected to the same wireless LAN so they can discover each other.

How to set it up:
Just follow the next steps:
• Download the TetheRingo receiver to your Windows PC, open the zip file into any folder and run it (no installation is needed).
• Open your local PowerPoint app and load a presentation (no need to start the show, just open a presentation).
• From Google Play Store, download and install TetheRingo RC on your Android device.
• Make sure both devices are connected to the same wireless LAN
• Go to your PC, enter a peer profile name or just leave the default one (MyPresentation) and click "Start RC"
• Go to your mobile device and launch TetheRingo, make sure the same peer profile name appears under the settings tab, and click on "Discover"
• Give it a few seconds to discover the peers and to connect, when connected the peer name will appear on the Android device and the connection leds on both sides will turn green.
• Now, on the RC, click "Start Show" and control your presentation.

TetheRingo also let you set a connection password between peers.

In case the of a high load on the WiFi network, the TetheRingo RC may not discover the receiver, let it search for a few seconds, and if doesn't find the peer, just click again on "Discover" and wait for a few more seconds.

Download TetheRingo Receiver for Windows (zip file no install) 1.16mb:
Download TetheRingo PowerPoint RC for Android devices: