Friday, December 4, 2009

Multi Path Files Finder 1.0

Did you ever wanted to search for a file in more than one path ?
You can run a few searches, one for each path or you can search the all drive.
And what if you want to search for a file in a local folder and in a UNC path (network path) also?
And what if you want to search the file also in sub folders in one path but not in the other?
And what if you want to exclude a phrase from the search but not exclude it from sub folders search?
Sounds too complicated ?
Not complicated at all if you are going to use MPFF.
MPFF is a fast file searching utility that can run a file search in up to three different paths including a UNC path, and also exclude a phrase from the search, for each path you can decide to search also sub folders.
MPFF is a portable application, there is no need to install it, just unzip to any folder and execute.
MPFF was tested on Windows XP Pro (SP3) and Windows 7 Ultimat but should run on other Windows versions.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2009

Download Multi Path Files Finder:


aref said...


Anonymous said...

Great app, thank you so much!

And Merry Christmas :-)

Anonymous said...

Obrigado pelo software. Estou baixando e vou usar. Estou falando de São Paulo, Brasil. Obrigado mais uma vez.

Anonymous said...

Can you make it so it also search and display folder names?

So if I search for say "Music", all folders with the name "Music" will be displayed.

Zvika said...

Nice, I will check it for the next version.
Thank you.