Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never Published Collection

Never Published Collection is a 7 mini tools collection that where never published.
Most of them are just one function mini tools that i wrote for the use of my system team or my PC technicians which ask for it.
In this collection:
Auto CMD - to creat auto execute command when launching CMD (command window)
Clipboard Text Content - a simple tray application, a clipboard text viewer and clipboard cleaner
Don't Run This - easy way to creat your own application block list
External IP Finder - find your external IP address
Last Logged On - find who was the last logged on user on network and local computers
Outlook to Tray - set the Outlook minimize behavior (minimize to tray or taskbar) with one click
Windows Other Comands - a launcher for some unknown or forgotten Windows commands

More information can be found on the text file for each tool.
This collection is a freeware and all tools are portable.
Originaly the tools where just for internal use, so there was only a quick testing process with Windows XP SP3.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft

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Top 4 Download
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H!ChEm - Dz said...

cool men,another usefull tool from you,thank's a lot my freind

Zvika said...

Thank you for using my tools