Friday, July 29, 2011

5F5ize 1.0

5F5ize is a small and portable utility to find the location and size of the system special folders.
It can present all of the system folders or just the selected ones.
The information can be exported to a CSV file for further investigation.
Double clicking on a populated entry will open the special folder location with Windows Explorer.
Very simple to use.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011

Download 5F5ize portable:


Anonymous said...

Really fine application!

But I miss two major things:
1. The exclusion of junctions, symbolic and hard links in the count of file sizes, because this cause a bogus sum of file sizes.

2. The possibility to sort the table of folders, e.g. by clicking onto the column size header.

Keep on provide such neat and useful applications!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

It would be great if the program has access / execution logging.


Anonymous said...

Both Media Fire and Softoxi report 'the file is missing or deleted'.