Friday, October 7, 2011

Start 4 Seven 1.0

A Lot of Windows 7 users are looking for a way to restore the classic Windows XP start menu on a Windows 7 machine.
There are some tweaking tools that can replace the Windows 7 start menu or you can tweak the registry and use the Windows 7 favorites as a start menu, etc.

How about a different approach to this issue ?

Imagine a small executable (369kb only), portable (no installation, can be executed from a USB stick), without any system modification, no tweaks, no changes to the existing Windows 7 (or 8) start menu, and completely free to use.

All you get is what you wanted..., the old good green classic start button with the classic start menu, you can pin the button into one of 5 different desktop positions (right click on the button), now left click the button and here we go with your classic start menu.

Start 4 Seven is a portable application without any installation and without any system modifications or tweaking.

Although Start 4 Seven was developed for Windows 7, many users reported that it works fine on Windows 8 also, this was never tested by LeeLu Soft, but many users insists they tested it and it works just fine.

Please read the included Readme.txt file for additional important information.

New! How does it works ? click to read developer description on how Start 4 Seven works (new window)

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2011

Download (single file, no install) 352kb:
Download From SoftWorld:
Download from FileHungry:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Start 4 Seven (also works a-ok for Eight as well) is simple and to the point; and no settings to muck about with, or what there are, are also straight to the point. Start 4 Seven can also be a solution for users of Windows 8 traditional desktop mode of operation (which does not come with a start button and menu of its own when operating under that particular environment, i.e. the traditional Desktop).

However, one improvement would very much further its ease of use, and I know I already asked, and received an answer, although perhaps another software programmer could find the way to implement this ability: add the ability to scroll its menus with the use of the mouse wheel.

Some menu's are quite long, which are also affected in size by the display's resolution and number of programs installed. So having the ability to quickly scroll through the menu(s) via the mouse wheel would be a huge boon.

Please re-consider. What would it take to help in bringing this ability to Start 4 Seven?

Once again, thank you for your fine 'button menu.' Hey it could be called S4W (Start for Windows) seeing that it works on Win8 as well. ;-)