Friday, November 13, 2009

Application Paths Editor 1.0

Back in the old DOS days, when you wanted to run a program from any location (folder), you would have to add the application path to the autoexec.bat file so it will be a part of the search path.
When we moved to the Windows world, running a program from the command line is not somthing you do often, but running a command from the Start->Run dialog (or Windows+R in Windows 7) is something very useful like typing mspaint or notepad.
But how can we make Windows Run dialog recognize more commands ? and how can we set the command name to launch this programs with any name we like ? and what other programs Windows recognize already ?
This is where application paths comes to help.

So what are Application Paths ?
Application Paths are registry Keys and values that are made for that issue, when you type a command on the Run dialog, Windows is searching the search path and the registry keys of Application Path to find the actual location of the program and execute it.
Important note for Windows 7 users, to launch the legacy Run dialog you have to press on Windows Key + R, Application Paths will not work from the Start->search run dialog unless the App Path command name will be the same as the original executable name.

What is Application Paths Editor ?
Application Path Editor is a protable Windows program to Add, Edit and delete Application Paths in a quick and safe way, so you can decide what are the commands Windows will recognize and what they will execute, so you can put less shortcuts on your desktop or in your Windows folder and you will know what is running with each command.

Read the readme.txt file for additional instructions

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2009

Download Application Paths Editor portable:


Packaging USA said...

If you have ever had need to alter, manage, or otherwise interact with the Path on your PC then you know how painful it is do with the builtin tools. Path Editor is a small utility that makes path managment very straighforward.

Zvika said...

Thank You !

Anonymous said...

If you actually want people to use your software, you should remove the requirement for them to supply an email address to download it.

Zvika said...

There are no requirements, and no mail address and nothing to do, just download, this is the idea of a freeware...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this very useful program!

Anonymous said...

You make very interesting software, Zvika. Unique, useful, small and best of all, portable! Thanks for sharing these with us.

Anonymous said...

Nice software, the layout should be peculiar enough to pass as "genuine Windows 8" :-)

My first attempt resulted in an empty list, because I didn't start APE with admin rights on windows 7 (64). After that I let windows 7 figure out and set some "compatibility mode" (right click on APE.exe, properties, compatibility.)

Please add the info where exactly APE finds and modifies registry settings.

Zvika said...

This app was developed 4 years ago, so I can't provide any Win8 compitability info.
The App path registry location is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths