Friday, November 20, 2009

Registry Live Watch 1.0

Registry Live Watch is a free, lightweight and portable tool to monitor activity on a registry key.
The tool can run minimized at the system tray (notification area) and monitor a registry key (also sub keys and vlues) for different kind of changes.
Registry Live Watch is consuming a very small amount of resources.
This program is not changing any registry settings, it is only a monitoring tool that watch the registry on a read only mode.
Registry Live Watch is a tool for pc users that knows and understand the windows registry.
Registry Live Watch was tested on Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Ultimat but should run on other Windows versions.

Freeware By LeeLu Soft 2009

Download Registry Live portable:


radu said...

radu said...

Jas said...


Thank you for creating this app. I have had a chance to use it and find the portability of it excellent, and the gui to be very good!

One improvement, i think, would be for the program to display exactly what values were added/removed when monitoring.

I want to use this program to monitor 'tweaks' i make to Windows, so that i can export the selected registry keys and then slipstream them with a new install disc :)

Zvika said...

Thank you for trying my software.
This app is working with windows API to watch the changes, the API doesn't provide in a direct way more information about the event.
Maybe in the next version I will add more information.

Anonymous said...

Hi! :-)

Seems really good!!!
Can it trace the entire registry, so you can see the changes after installing a new app?

H!ChEm - Dz said...

very nice tool,i will Post this tool in my furom(actualy i will post all you great usefull tolls).thank's buddy

Davor said...

Looks like interesting app. I will try it. Thanks.

Michael Tudor said...

Is there a way to save the configuration for this so it starts with a pre determined set up everytime?

Zvika israeli said...