Sunday, June 17, 2012

Desktop2Record 1.0

Desktop2Record a free screen recorder.
It is fast, simple and easy to use software to record actions from your desktop into AVI multimedia files.
·         Only 1.1 MB !
·         Portable (after the first installation) and lightweight
·         A single executable
·         Simple to set and use
·         5 Different recording region types
·         Audio recording supported
·         Hot keys for smooth results
And a lot more.
Check the included user guide for detailed information.

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2012
Download Desktop2Record portable:

Download from FileHungry:

Download from Brothersoft:
Download from Famouswhy:
Download from Medownloads:
 Download from Winportal:
Download from Software Informer:


Martin Lemburg said...

Sorry, but use simply Escape to stop recording is a bit strange, since Escape is such a common accelerator ... e.g. working in VIM while screencasting, every change from insert to normal mode via Escape would stop recording?

Could you please make such hotkeys/accelerators configurable or use some not such often used?

Best regards,


Zed said...

Hi Martin,

Esc is for cancel, alt+bckspc is used for stop.

Maybe I will change it with the next version.


BamBam said...

Really handy app, thank you very much. I have one suggestion though, maybe most options shouldn't be hidden behind those buttons, why not make them visible, so no need for opening and closing windows all the time?

theogast said...

Hello thank you for you excellent and usefull software
can you save the configurations when closed because it is laborious to reconfigure all the options at each use especially dimensions when fixed region is used
i think that each user often use the same options most time
thank you for advance

Zed said...


I will add it on the next version.