Friday, February 22, 2013

PSSend 1.0

PSSend is a single hot key combination print-screen and send utility.
It is a very useful utility for help desk and support services, so users can easily send a screenshot to the support team using WinKey+PrintScreen only.
The utility is running minimized from the system tray (notification area), your end users just need to press WinKey+PrintScreen, this will take a screenshot, open a new mail (the recipient email address can be pre-defined) and add the screenshot as attachment.
The mail recipient and mail subject can be pre-defined, it can also add to the mail body some basic information about the sender computer.
Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2013
Download PSSend portable:

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hiro said...

Please teach it

PSSend 1.0

What OSs(Windows) are supported?

Zvika said...


It was test on Win XP and Win 7


Brad McIntosh said...

I am trying it on my Windows 7 64bit system. I am getting errors that it is "Unable to write to C:\Program Files (x86)\PSSend\settings.ini".

On a Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 workstation, no INIs and other configuration files that require write access should be in the Program Files directory. This should be somewhere in the public "C:\ProgramData\" or in the users "C:\Users\brad\AppData".

Zvika said...

So run it from a different path like c:\apps\pssend...