Sunday, March 17, 2013

Watch 4 Idle 1.0

Watch 4 Idle version 1.1 is available now Here, follow this link to get version 1.1

Freeware by LeeLu Soft 2013


Zero said...

is there some lack of support or something for running things like "ping" or "taskkill" from a .bat using this ?

Neither the "when idle" or the "when back" work for those

Zed said...

Hi Zero,

I'm not sure I understand.
You can execute a batch file from Watch 4 Idel.
You run eny command from a batch file.
And yes it works perfect, Watch 4 Idle was tested and used by too many people with no problem, maybe you don't understand what it does or how to use it.


joel said...

i tried putting in a time of 30 minutes or 1800 seconds to wait for the computer to be idle. The program will not accept 1800 seconds - it automatically adds a comma to the number (1800 becomes 1,800) - and an error message comes up saying that the number is not a valid integer. Is this a bug or is the highest number of seconds i can put in 999?

Zed said...

Wow..., it is definitely a bug, I don't know how I missed it, Thanks man.

I will post an update version soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello I installed this program and this program is too good, it use zero percent of my pc processor, I had check it with the ctrl-alt-del!
I have a son with autism and he have dificults in the alphabetization. I made one alphabetization program in adobe flash and when that my kid start the computer this program appears in fullscreen and, by for my own wish, not exists button for end it, is no other way for my kid, he is forced, he only start the use of computer if he finish the work of alphabetization in this program.
Watch 4 Idle is a very good program and work perfectly in my computer, but because i need have my kid without possibility for close the program (unlees he finish this alphabetization work that i explain above)then i need my program run in front of other aplications, example, my kid use the ms word, but when pc is idle, my program run but not in front of ms word, leaving my kid for the obligate of complete the alphabetization work.
Exist one chance for the program lauched for 4 Idle run in front of the other programs?
Please said yes!!!

Zed said...

Hi Marcelo,

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for.

Can you explain it again ?


Marcelo said...

i have choosen one program (myprogram.exe) in the "execute a program or bath" and i need that the execution of this myprogram.exe (when the computer stay idle) occur in the foreground on the screen.

Zed said...


I have no control over the other program you execute, the option to stay on top is made by the developer of the executed program.
Maybe this can help you:

or this one:


Franklyn Dimino said...

Does watch4 idle
run for all users on windows 7 and/or 8

Zed said...

I didn't check it.

Anonymous said...

Great problem. One suggestion would it be possible to "prevent" execution when a video is playing? I use Watch4Idle to run a screensaver; would be nice to have a tick box to make a video paying not idle. Maybe even if "x" run running then PC not idle?
Keep well.